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4xBolt Partners with Bluescape to Deliver Digital Workbench Collaboration + Visual Intelligence

4xBolt has become an official partner of Bluescape allowing us to provide their workbench collaboration solution and visual intelligence to our customers. We are excited for all the amazing capabilities this solution offers. Bluescape promotes the cohesive work environment needed for all department level meetings bringing everyone together in the virtual workspace. It eliminates the need for repetitive emails sending updated slides back and forth.

What makes Bluescape exceptional? It provided the first digital workspace authorized to operate FedRAMP Moderate+ and at IL4/IL5. This allows remote teams to collaborate in real time as if sitting in the same room no matter where they are physically located. It also allows for collaboration with individuals and entities outside your organization. Their exceptionally high standards to provide a secure collaboration environment led us to form our partnership with Bluescape.

If you would like to learn more, please reach out to our team.

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